RFP Template for Digital Accessibility Audit and Planning


Streamline your RFP process for digital accessibility audits and planning with our comprehensive template. Expertly crafted sections guide you in soliciting proposals to assess your current accessibility and develop a strategic plan for full compliance.


Ensure your organization meets critical digital accessibility requirements with this expertly crafted RFP template. Designed for municipalities and organizations seeking to audit their current digital accessibility and develop a comprehensive plan, this template provides a clear framework to solicit and evaluate proposals from qualified accessibility consultants.

The template includes the following key sections:

  1. Introduction and Background – Provide an overview of your accessibility needs and goals
  2. Scope of Work – Detail the specific services and deliverables you require, including assessment of current digital properties, creation of a Digital Accessibility Plan, training, and remediation
  3. Proposal Submittal Requirements – Specify what information vendors must include in their proposals for evaluation
  4. Evaluation Criteria – Establish the criteria by which proposals will be scored and ranked
  5. Special Conditions – Address contract terms, confidentiality, conflicts of interest, etc.
  6. Sample Professional Services Agreement – Include a template contract to streamline negotiations with the selected vendor

With this comprehensive RFP template, you’ll be equipped to find the right partner to achieve and maintain digital accessibility compliance. Save time and effort in the RFP development process while ensuring you receive high-quality, tailored proposals.

This template provides a thorough starting point for organizations looking to procure digital accessibility auditing and planning services. The clear structure and expert guidance will simplify the RFP development process and help attract proposals from highly qualified accessibility consultants. Let me know if you would like me to modify anything in the product listing!

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