Cleaning Services Proposal Template



Are you looking for a stunning proposal for your cleaning services business?

You are in the right place! Having accompanied several janitorial businesses in the bay area get into the government sector with my top-notch winning proposals. We’ll orchestrate your bid process and prepare an elegant proposal for your need. The proposal is comprised of the following:

1    Proposal Letter

2    Qualifications

2.1           Project Team

2.2           Team members resume

2.3           Competence and experience

3    References/testimonials

4    Demonstrated experience

4.1           Profile and experience

4.1.1           Overview

4.1.2           Checking requirements

4.1.3           Quality performance

5    Suitability

5.1           Services

5.1.1           Professional Office Cleaning

5.1.2           Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

5.1.3           Comprehensive Cleaning Services

5.1.4           Window Cleaning

5.1.5           General Custodial Services

5.1.6           Event Cleaning Services

5.1.7           Event Setup, Change, and Breakdown Services

6    Scope of Work

7    Conclusion