Business Proposal Template for: Agency and Logistics Support



Are you looking for a template that will help you get more offers for your Agency and Logistics Support business? This is the best place to be.

This template cover different aspects that will help you:

  • Show you a sample of the proposal letter that would be helpful for you to present and personalize.
  • Well Presenting the company from its profile to its previous experiences.
  • Presenting the different Agency and Logistics Support services offered by the company in a well structured way.
  • Introducing some compliance and Ethics respected by the company for its social responsibility image.
  • Displaying the project and team planning of the company.
  • Showing the Agency and Logistic company’s track record and references.
  • Citing the main policies of this sector and relating it to the company, such as the quality policy and the Anti-Bribery & Corruption policy.
  • Remind you of some details that should be added, such as samples of work and past performances.
  • Facilitate your bidding process.