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Call for proposals
MATRA and Human Rights Fund – 2022
The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands invites non-governmental organizations to submit project proposals for the Matra & Human Rights Fund before 3  January 2022. Matra stands for maatschappelijke transformatie, meaning ‘social transformation’. It is part of our support to current and potential EU candidate countries and the countries of the Eastern Partnership in their attempts to fulfil conditions required by the EU accession processes (e.g. Copenhagen Criteria and/or Association Agreements with EU). The Matra Fund supplements the European Commission’s efforts and aims to help countries strengthen democracy and the rule of law, thus enhance stability.
Human rights are the foundation of a democracy in which every person counts. The Netherlands strives to protect and promote human rights all over the world. The Human Rights Fund therefore supports organisations that work for human rights worldwide.
The Netherlands government attaches particular importance to these Funds, since they aim to reinforce and promote shared European values – values that connect European countries, bridging their cultural diversity. A strong and pluralist democracy under the rule of law, stable democratic processes and good governance are part of these values and of the agenda for Europe.
The Embassy in Pristina works on the basis of the following mission:
We work towards the Euro-Atlantic integration of a safe, prosperous, inclusive and democratic Kosovo that provides equal opportunities for its citizens as this forms the best guarantee for a mutual beneficiary relation with the Netherlands and the European Union.
What types of projects are eligible?
The Matra and HR fund support demand-driven initiatives. Project proposals have to be in line with our policy priorities and the mission statement. To be eligible for support, projects must promote the process of transformation in the following areas:
What are the minimum requirements?
Preference is given to proposals that are:
Not eligible are:
Co-financing with other donors is possible provided, when:
The application procedure
Approval, contract, payment and reporting
If the project is approved, the applicant will receive two copies of the contract, outlining the conditions of the grant. One copy must be signed and returned to the Netherlands Embassy. Upon its receipt, the first instalment of the grant will be transferred.
The maximum duration is two years (24 months). The applicant is required to submit mid-term and final narrative and financial reports on the results achieved. The final narrative and financial reports have to be submitted within one month after the finalisation of the project. The report should describe activities carried out to date, activities still planned (if any), problems encountered, achievements, lessons learned, etc. Upon approval of these documents, the Embassy will pay the remaining instalment(s). The Embassy reserves the right to inspect the project accounts and activities at any time.
Publication | 26-11-2021
Publication | 26-11-2021