Feedback from The Advantage Travel Partnership’s annual conference, held recently in Madeira, has led to a renewed drive at the agency to find the best destinations for its annual conferences in future.
Survey results from 350 delegates attending the 2022 four-day annual conference showed that while 74% had not visited Madeira before, 99% would consider visiting again, highlighting the impact of a positive experience at conference events.
The survey also ranked destination as the primary influence for delegates deciding whether or not to attend, and 96% of attendees agreed immersive in-destination activities should be included within the programme.
Additionally, delegate feedback showed flight duration would not be a barrier for attending conference.
The agency has created a new Request for Proposal (RFP) template to help choose the destination for the group’s future annual conferences which are expected to attract 400-500 delegates.
Advantage CEO, Julia Lo-Bue-Said, said: “This year’s conference in Madeira was a huge success. The feedback from delegates has been incredibly positive. We certainly raised the bar in Madeira and are now keen to explore destinations for future conferences where we can continue to delight and excite delegates.
“It’s clear from our survey results that attending delegates become ambassadors for the destinations they visit, so the more immersive and dynamic the conference and destination experience, the better.”
Previous recent Advantage conference locations alongside Madeira include Cadiz, Miami, Nice, Bodrum, Dubai, Lucerne and Malta.
The new Advantage RFP is available here.
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