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The ready-to-use Google Docs templates can help you get started with your work quickly. Also, you can save up on the time and effort from creating a template from scratch and modifying the existing ones. We will share the nine best Google Docs templates for professional and business usage.
We’ve covered the top Google Docs templates for productivity, invoice, and personal use. Using templates, you can save a lot of time and make eye-catching Google Docs templates in a short time.
Note: If you want to use any of the templates below, click the download button and open the template. Go to File > Make a copy, and it will get saved in your Google Drive folder. You can now open the template in Google Docs and make edits based on your preference.
Business process manual templates come with company address, date, giant title, subtitle, and more. You can see internal/external company matters and even add an overview. With Google Docs’ superior sharing capabilities, you can send business process manuals to others in view-only mode.
Download Business Process Manual
This template makes it easy to share latest news and information about the developments with the employees or external stakeholders. Using that, you can regularly share company updates, recent achievements and awards, and keep your employees in the loop about the happenings of the company.
Download Newsletter for Google Docs
This is a must-have for software development companies. To get projects from potential clients, you need to send a proposal with cost estimation, project timeline, and other details.
This six-page Google Docs template by PandaDoc can be the perfect fit for you. You can change details such as header, date, estimation, and more. Your proposal is all set to get approved by the client.
Download Software Development Proposal
This is applicable to all types of businesses. As the name suggests, the Sales quote template can allow you to hand out sales quotes within a couple of minutes.
On the first page, you can add sales quotations with item names and prices. On the second page, you can mention warranty details, payment terms, and more. The template also carries a nice visual design. It’s a no brainer for business users out there.
Download Sales Quote
So far, we have talked about free templates to choose from. Let’s look at a couple of paid templates from the web. This poster template for Google Docs is a suitable option for sharing information about events, contacts, conferences, and other activities within or outside the company.
The design is spot-on and delivers a visually pleasing poster in a couple of minutes.
Download Poster Template
This Google Docs template is essential for product managers out there. You can create a monthly report with all the required feedback. Add your questions in the monthly checklist, mention assigned tasks, tasks in-progress, and tasks that aren’t started.
Do give it a try from the link below.
Download Monthly Report Template
Gone are the days when we used to hand out physical letterhead papers for business purposes. With the letterhead template for Google Docs, you can use the same design and typography across all letterheads.
Add your company name, details, date, and you are good to go with an eye-catching letterhead to hand out.
Download Letterhead Template
Our list of Google Docs business templates is incomplete with an invoice template. Isn’t it? Whether you are running a small, medium, or large business, you need a capable invoice template to create and send invoices.
Add your brand logo at the upper left corner, phone number, address details, item description, price, and calculate an estimation.
In the end, you can add terms and conditions for the payment and bank details.
Download Invoice Template
You can always take meeting notes in bullet points in Google Docs. The meeting notes template takes things further with a dedicated Meeting notes template that allows you to add meeting details in a better-organized way.
Download Meeting Notes Template
Google Docs remains the preferred choice for consumers. With the right amount of templates, it can replace essential parts of your business as well. Which templates are you going to pick from the list above? Share your preference in the comments below.
Last updated on 07 February, 2022
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