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Department: Community Development and Transportation
Start Date: 05/16/2022 1:00 AM
Close Date: 06/17/2022 5:00 PM
Link to the RFP document:
The City of Redwood City is seeking to establish agreements with consultants for on-call general and specialized planning services, beginning in August 2022, in connection with medium to large development projects or policy projects. From time-to-time Community Development and Transportation Department requires additional professional and technical expertise in the following areas:
It is anticipated that a portion of the services could be provided either by an individual person or a firm. Each proposer should identify which technical expertise, or combination of technical expertise, for which they wish to be considered. The City will enter into one or more agreements with one or more firms depending on the range of applicants and expertise. It is not necessary that a single firm/individual be able to provide expertise in all of the areas.
The following schedule has been established for conducting this consultant selection process. The City of Redwood City reserves the right, however, to modify this schedule at any time.
Action                                                                                                         Date               
Issuance of Request for Proposal                                                          May 16, 2022 
Deadline for Letter of Intent to Respond                                             May 31, 2022 
Deadline for Written Questions and Comments                                June 1, 2022      
City Issues Responses to Written Questions and Comments           June 3, 2022  
Proposals due (@ 5PM)                                                                           June 17, 2022    
City Determines Finalist(s) for Contract Negotiations                        July 1, 2022             
Authorization of Award to Selected Firm(s)                                         July 29, 2022
Posted May 17, 2022
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