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In celebration of National Candy Month (June), HI-CHEW and New York City-based The Doughnut Project have teamed up for the third time to create a citrus treat just in time for summer. The limited-edition doughnut, Kind of a Big Peel, is inspired by the latest HI-CHEW flavor, Juicy Blood Orange, from the new Infrusions Orchard Mix
Kind of a Big Peel will be available for a limited time from June 10-12 at The Doughnut Project (10 Morton St, NYC). 
This collaboration between HI-CHEW and The Doughnut Project balances the subtly sweet and tangy flavors of a freshly picked blood orange. The doughnut is topped with a glaze made of blood orange purée that mimics the fruit with a vibrant orange hue. The chewy center is infused with actual HI-CHEW Juicy Blood Orange pieces and blood orange curd filling, providing a burst of citrusy, fruity flavor with every bite. 

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