Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center (MAISRC)
Through this competitive proposal process, MAISRC will administer an estimated $1,800,000 to fund high-priority research needs focused on new lines of research and continuation of existing projects. MAISRC conducted a thorough and systematic needs assessment in 2020 that included AIS managers, researchers, and the public, to identify and prioritize research needs that will develop science-based solutions to Minnesota’s AIS problems. This RFP is focused on 18 research priorities that were identified in this process and considered for new lines of research. For information on the proposal submission process for continuation projects, see separate RFP.
Proposals are invited from investigators at any Minnesota-based academic or governmental research institution for work that proposes to build capacity in and benefit Minnesota. Researchers who have not previously been supported by MAISRC are especially encouraged to submit proposals. Research collaborations and multi-investigator projects are also strongly encouraged. Research teams may include expertise outside of Minnesota if needed. However, please note that some restrictions apply for use of grant funds out of state.
Projects are expected to use state-of the-art techniques and approaches and must produce both peer-reviewed publications in high-quality journals as well as technical publications. Resources within the MAISRC Containment Laboratory may be available for use in association with funded projects. In addition, MAISRC communication and research-outreach staff can assist with the development and implementation of stakeholder engagement activities. Anticipated funding availability is January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2024.
The funds to support research solicited in this announcement primarily originate from the Environment and Natural Resource Trust Fund (ENRTF), administered by the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR). Therefore, eligible expenses for pre-proposals are the same as LCCMR’s.
Pre-proposals will be reviewed by a committee consisting of MAISRC’s Director, two members of MAISRC’s Advisory Board, and two technical reviewers. Evaluation will be based on degree the pre-proposal fits research priorities, likelihood the research project will result in important new information useful for solving AIS problems in Minnesota and demonstrated capacity of the collaboration to perform the proposed research. Demonstrated support from end users of the research and ability to leverage additional funding will also be considered.
Investigators invited to submit full proposals will provide detailed research plans that will undergo scientific peer-review. Funding is available upon final approval of a work plan and budget, following peer-review and revisions.
For UMN proposals: Please do not submit through SPA. We recommend, however, that you discuss your pre-proposal with your finance team, department head, and others who would eventually need to approve your proposal so that we can avoid problems down the road if you are invited to submit a full proposal.
Pre-Proposal Components:
The deadline for pre-proposals is March 1, 2022 at 9:00 AM. Submit all documents to [email protected] Please contact MAISRC Director, Dr. Nick Phelps, with questions about research priorities and the proposal process, or discuss research ideas – [email protected] or 612-624-7450.
Proposals for research on the following topics will be considered for funding. Like AIS problems in general, these problems are complex. To be effectively addressed, many of these topics will benefit from innovative research approaches, research scope spanning fundamental and applied, and/or multidisciplinary expertise. The topics are not listed in priority order. If not specifically addressed below, the species studied must be included on the MAISRC 2021 species priority list. Research not focused on addressing one of the following priorities will not be considered for funding.
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