The SAGE secretariat has publish on the 3 December 2021 a request for proposal (RFP) “Technical support to SAGE executive secretariat” [2021-054_UHL-IVB_SAGE] to support its technical work for the period 2022-2024 on two key activities:
• Development of the SAGE meeting report following regular SAGE meetings in April and October each year
• Management of the secretariat of one or more newly established SAGE working groups
The RFP is published on the United Nations Global Market website:
In order to access this RFP reference HQ/BOS/SUP/SHQ/P/0006045, please register with the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) at Basic level (follow link above).
Bidders have until 15 December 2021 to send us their Intention to Bid.
Deadline for submission is 6 January 2022 17.00 Central European Time.

Please note that:

  • the full registration process must be completed in order to access the tender documents. Should you encounter difficulties, please consult [email protected].
  • The timely and successful registration with UNGM is the sole responsibility of the vendor.
  • From the date of issue of this RFP to the final selection, contact with WHO officials concerning the RFP process shall not be permitted, other than through the submission of queries to [email protected], or through the submission of proposals in line with the provisions of the Request for Proposals.

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