Request for Proposal
Logo Design
This RFP is for design and marketing for a new logo for the Veterans’ Relief Fund.
RFP Sent: 12/08/2021
Responses Due: Within 30 days
Send proposal and any questions on the RFP to:    
Finalist agencies Selected & Contacted: January 2022
Chosen Agency Selected & Contacted: January 2022
Project Kick-off: Immediately
New Logo Launch Target Date: January 2022
Program Overview
Walla Walla County is required to establish a Veterans’ Assistance Program to address the needs of local indigent veterans and their families. This program is approved by the county legislative authority and is funded by the veterans’ assistance fund which is intended to aid in emergency circumstances for eligible veterans.
New Logo Objectives
The primary objective is to begin building a brand for the outreach and services provided by the Veterans’ Relief Fund. The Veterans’ Relief Advisory Board would like veterans and the community to be able to easily identify the services and opportunities available in this program. The goal is to enhance veteran’s memory of our agency and positive memories associated with services with an appropriate logo. An additional objective is to increase visibility of the Fund amongst other veteran resources and provide information about the availability of this veteran assistance program in the community.
The proposals will be reviewed by the County, and the successful proponent will negotiate and execute a contract with the County to supply a designed logo to the County. Any resulting contract shall note that the supplied logo shall be sole and absolute property of the County.
Estimated at $250-$500
Proposal Requirements
Please include the following in your proposal response:
• Overview of your company
• Overview of how you will meet our objectives
• Scope of your work (research, design, development, post-launch
    errors correction, etc.)
• Details about your team
• Submit at least two design samples
• Multiple format and size samples for scaling for different media,
    i.e. on FB page, letterhead, flyers, window clings, etc.
• Different file types for posting on print versus digital sites
• Logo with a Walla Walla feel highlighting the Blue Mountains
• Coloring should be inclusive of the various military branches
   (i.e. not all blue and not all green)
• Pricing with optional elements line-itemed
• Terms & conditions
We look forward to your proposal! (Pub. Dec. 10, 2021)
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