Kluger Architects is hiring a Licensed Architect – Immediate Hire in Los Angeles, CA, US – Archinect

Position requires experience in ALL levels of Architecture from design to construction document, entitlement processing and presentations. The incumbent will serve as Team Leader to existing staff and clients and work with such to develop and implement strategies to achieve targeted growth.  Our Projects include Healthcare, Religious and Commercial Retail.  We experience should include  marketing, social networking and excellent customer service.

Position Responsibilities

1. Lead and direct Healthcare team by having 5yrs plus current OSHPD.
2. Provide vision, strategic direction and marketing.
3. Establish strategic goals, target and pursue new business
4. Report to CEO with marketing plans, development strategies and client relations
5. Recommend key hires to help build healthcare team.
6. Promote internal and external “Lean Process” improvement.
7. Represent company at community and industry events, professional conferences,
meetings and committees, etc.
8. Assist in writing submittals, RFQ’s RFP’s, Proposals, etc.
9. Quality control
10. Marketing new and existing clients.
11. Experienced in all elements of design
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